Corfu Beach Dock

There’s a famous Greek island off the coast of Turkey that is known for its centurions, despite what the Western world considers indulging in bad habits; a bottle of wine a day, cigarettes, soft drinks. The residents make up for the bad habits with plenty of better ones, including an active lifestyle, a diet heavy in antioxidants and light on meat, and daily naps.

For our summer vacation, we decided to live the Greek life for one week on the island of Corfu. A popular destination for Brits and Irish, the island is known for its beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle. Each day we spent either at the pool or finding a secluded beach, and each night was spent ingesting copious amounts of feta, tomatoes, and grilled meats.

Covered Boat Greece Ski Club Paleokastritsa
Corfu Beach CliffCorfu Beaches Corfu Greece Beach 064

Beaches of Paleokastritsa
Aquamarine Beach Greek Scooters Beautiful Corfu

Purple PhloxCream Stucco Greek Gardens
Kassiopi Harbour

Purple Morning Glory
Paleokastritsa Cove

We stayed in Gouvia and took a scooter (â?¬20 per day) to Paleokastritsa and Kaminaki Beach.

A full list of the beaches in North Corfu: Gouvia Bay, Dassia Beach, Ipsos Bay, Barbati Beach, Nissaki Beach, Kaminaki Beach, Agni Beach, Kouloura Beach, Bolana Bay, Kalamaki Bay, Almiros Beach, Roda, Astrakeri Beach, Gialos Beach, Sidari, Logas Beach, Arillas Beach, Paleokastritsa, Liapades Bay.

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