For our last Nicaraguan adventure, the hubby and I had to choose between visiting as many of the Central American countries as we could on a week long bus trip or flying to the Corn Islands, a pair of islands off the coast of Nicaragua and on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. We chose Little Corn Island as our destination.

I was a little stressed out, as this was my first trip on the local airline, La Costena, but everything worked out perfectly. We arrived at the airport for the morning flight, and realized as we were checking in that we had made the reservations for the next weekend. We have two mottos for this country, the first “Nicaragua always wins” and the second is “In Nicaragua, all things are possible.” We spoke to the office, and without charging us any money, they switched our reservations for the afternoon flight. Hello, great service!

The harbor of Little Corn Island

We spent several hours in the airport eating Subway (yeah for Americanization!) and brainstorming. After a loooong wait, we boarded our flight. I was grateful to see other gringos on the flight. My theory being that gringos never die together. Yes, I know it’s crazy, but after living in a foreign country for so long it’s a relief to see people that look and talk like me. Even if it does make me homesick.

After a short flight to Bluefields, we picked up a few more passengers and took the last leg of the journey to Big Corn Island. We boarded a boat taxi that took us straight to Little Corn.

And that’s where my stress level went down. There were no cars (they as well as major developments are banned on the island), only beautiful water, chilled out divers, little kids diving off the dock, and a smiling Canadian waiting to walk us to our cabin. We spent the next three days snorkeling, eating unbelievable food and talking about the last year.

The cove at Casa Iguana

The pathway to Casa Iguana and a wee little pineapple

I’m really glad we chose the Nicaribbean as our last destination. It was the perfect place to relax and enjoy another beautiful part of Nicaragua.

Hotel: Casa Iguana
Flight: La Costena

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