Sashiko Stitching Project

Do you get obsessed with ideas or skills? Every few weeks or months I focus obsessively on something–a TV show, hobby, or topic–and spend a lot of my free time researching the topic until my curiosity has been satisfied. My hubby and good friends are used to this, and endure nicely until the obsession fades.

Sashiko, a Japanese form of embroidery used to enforce or repair clothing, is the most recent interest of mine. I was introduced to this type of stitching two years ago, when I purchased a Sashiko-stitched quilt. The blanket is made of two sheets of simple cotton, but has lines of cotton-thread embroidery over the entire surface. The thread adds a perfect amount of weight and creates this piece of art that I’m now obsessed with.

Inspired by a friend’s recent honeymoon to Japan (more on that later!), I created a few simple DIY sashiko projects for my table. I’ll be posting more detailed tutorials over the coming weeks, as well as linking to recipes and content from Yolene’s blog, Creme de Citron. All part of our Japanese Fall Feast collaboration!

Raw-Edge Sashiko Embroidered Table Runner

I’m not a fan of tablecloths. It seems old-fashioned and fussy, and I love the look of a well-used dining table. But…I found myself wishing I had something more than a bare table for fall dinner parties. Enter this raw-edge sashiko stitched table runner.

Sashiko Stitch Table Runner
Sashiko Stitching

Sashiko Embroidered Book Page

This embroidered book page is the perfect addition to fancy up your Thanksgiving table. It can be used as a place card (add each guest’s name) or just to add visual interest. After dinner is over, put it on an inspiration board or frame it!

Sashiko Book Embroidery
Sashiko Book

Coffee-Dyed Sashiko Napkin

Last year, I picked up a batch of white napkins for my table. Only to avoid using them because I didn’t want them stained. So, I decided to purposefully stain them with coffee and then add a bit of embroidery in the corner. Viola! Napkins that match my new table runner!

Sashiko Stitch Napkins
Fall Sashiko Stitch

Come back over the next month for the tutorials and details! If you can’t wait for more Sashiko inspiration, check out my Pinterest board for more projects and photos.

  1. Yolène says:

    I barely sew because I’m not good at it (a new skill to learn maybe?) but once the tutorial is up I really want to give this a try, so lovely!!

  2. Tracy A. says:

    Very sweet! It dresses things up in a bit of a rustic way – I like it!

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