Sashiko Book Page

Sewing paper makes a really interesting and simple craft. I typically use this technique for temporary projects, like these book pages that will be discarded at the end of a dinner party or event. Something that I’ll enjoy creating, but not feel the need to keep around.

This project is perfect for beginner crafters and would make a great workshop or craft class project. It took about 15 minutes from start to finish, not including the time it took to snip a stem of evergreen from a tree on my daily walk. I used shades of green and brown for my embroidery to keep in the natural colors theme.

You can use this technique on any type of paper, although it might be more difficult the thinner the paper. Use it on brown craft paper to dress up a gift.

The total cost of supplies was â?¬2. I purchased an old book from a charity shop and used bits of thread and a needle leftover from the Sashiko Table Runner.


Sashiko Embroidered Book Page


  • 1 old book page
  • 3 feet thread in varying colors
  • 1 quilting needle (at least 2″ long)
  • 1 stem evergreen


  1. Prepare the page. Tear out an interesting page from the book, making sure to keep the edge as straight as possible.
  2. Create pattern. I chose two lines of crosses across the bottom 1/3 of the page. You can choose whatever pattern you like. If you need inspiration, visit my Pinterest board. I wanted a looser and more organic feel to my project, so I did not mark the pattern choosing instead to use the lines of text as my marker. If you would like a more precise pattern, mark the pattern in dots on the page with a ruler and a pencil.
  3. Embroider. Thread the needle with your first color thread. Tie a quilter??s knot at one end. Start the thread from the back of the page and begin to create your pattern, weaving the thread neatly from back to front in .25″ stitches. Continue sewing until your pattern is complete. At the end of the stitch line, tie off the end of the thread in another quilter??s knot. Trim the thread end as needed. Repeat the process with the remaining colors until your pattern is complete.
  4. Add evergreen twig. At the top of your page, place a twig of evergreen making sure the end of the stem is stripped bare on the last inch. Repeat the process in step 3, stitching tightly around the edges of the stem. Tie off your thread ends and voila! An embroidered book page.


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