Last summer, I helped a friend photograph a wedding in the Dublin area. During a site visit, we stopped off at Powerscourt Estate to tour the gardens and have a cuppa at the Avoca cafe located on the grounds. I found out about Powerscourt Gardens in a gardening book, where it was listed as one of the top gardens in Ireland. So, off we went for a visit.

formal rose garden in bloom

Touring Powerscourt Gardens

We started with a cup of tea and small meal in the cafe before starting our walk. The gardens span a total of 47 acres and require five full-time gardeners to maintain them. They’re full of formal and informal gardens, woodland trails, fountains, waterfalls, and there are even rumors of a hobbit cave as well! They also have a rather large pet cemetery, where the estate owner’s beloved pets are laid to rest.

powerscourt gardens fountain
powerscourt gardens_-10round tower in garden
powerscourt gardens wicklow
powerscourt garden walkway

Somehow, accidentally, we were able to visit when the rose gardens at Powerscourt were in bloom. Of course, in Ireland roses bloom all summer because of the cool weather. So there is a much larger window of time to see the glory that is thousands of roses in bloom. There are over 50 varieties to enjoy!

yellow roses in gardenformal rose garden
white tea rose
korresia yellow rose

This is a yellow David Austin rose by the name of Korresia. It’s a disease resistant floribunda shrub rose.

whiskey mac hybrid tea rose

This is the Whiskey Mac hybrid tea rose. Apricot in color, it’s hardy from zones 6a to 11 and is classified as a shrub, repeat-bloomer.

white tea rose bloom
white tea rosebud

Before moving to Ireland, I assumed poppies only thrived in drier climates (hello California!), but they are prolific in Ireland. During the summer season, you’ll see patches of poppies crop up everywhere: in cow pastures, along the road, and wherever else the wind takes the seeds. This garden had a selection of beauty pageant worthy poppies, in all different colors, showing off their paper-thin petals.

pink poppy in garden
white poppy in garden
poppy bud
red poppies in garden

For more information, including directions and visiting hours, visit the Powerscourt Estate website.

  1. Tracy A. says:

    I have been to Powerscourt, though not in 3 decades! Loved revisiting it through your photos!

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