Rococo Parrot Tulip

Parrot Tulip

The tulips that we planted last November came roaring into bloom this month: white, orange, cream and tinted with purple. But my favorite were these Rococo Parrot Tulips purchased at a bargain shop in town. They bloomed like an exotic animal, full of brilliant reds.

It’s an early-blooming tulip, showing up in early to mid-April depending on your hardiness zone, and makes an excellent cut flower. You can purchase your own at Bulbs Direct (US) or Sarah Raven (UK + Europe).

Photography by Rebekah Marenda Burder.


April Skies

Ocean on Ring of Kerry

I stand away from the group looking over the edge of a cliff, my eyes burning from the sun, while I listen to the wind as it rushes around me, lifting strands of hair away from my face. April is my reward for enduring January thru March. Three months of rain and cloudy skies give way to long stretches of sunshine and warmer temperatures. I’m still wearing a jacket, but at least I’ve been able to finally discard the heavy sweaters underneath. After a few moments, I rejoin the group for a photo, ready to tackle the next part of the drive.

Atlantic Ocean Ireland in Bloom
Ring of Kerry
Irish Beaches
Skipping Rocks Beach Pebble
Kelp  Beach Rock
Rocks in Ocean
Red Clover Skellig Trip Blog Size 117
Most Spectacular Kerry Cliffs
Group on Cliff

We drove from Kilkenny to Ballenskellig, covering the Northern and Western part of the Ring of Kerry. Notable stops included Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs (entry charge of €4.50 each, but who could resist that name?!) and Portmagee. We stayed at Skellig Hostel, which was a great bargain. The hostel was clean, private, and quiet.

Photography by Rebekah Marenda Burder.



Lismore Gardens

I know things have been rather silent here since Christmas. It’s not a reflection of my offline life, which is a hustle from day to day. I just haven’t had time to create as I focus on other projects.

English Garden

I’m not sure if the silence is a short-term, long-term, or final break with this blog. For many years I hoped to turn this into a side business, but I don’t really have the skillset or interest in doing that anymore. I love blogging, and I know I’ll continue. I’m just not sure how deep my interest goes into lifestyle blogging. Pinterest and Facebook are flooded with lifestyle blogs, and I’m not sure what I have to offer in that genre.

Lush Garden

We moved last week, and the new house is inspiring my creative process. Maybe that will turn into blog posts, maybe it won’t. In the meantime, I’m on Pinterest daily researching and categorizing beautiful things. You’re welcome to follow me there if you like!


Patricks Day


Simple Valentines

Takeaway Valentine DIY

For Valentine’s this year, I wanted to do something simple for our team members in Ireland. It wouldn’t be a proper Valentine without sweets, and I had a few miniature takeaway containers (purchased from Michael’s) in my craft armoire.  So I stuffed them with candy, used a free printable from Lily and Val (found on Elizabeth Anne Designs), and used strips of pink washi tape to spice it up a bit. Less than 20 minutes later, I had a stack of oh-so-cute Valentines ready to go.

Kinder Valentine

Mini Container Valentine

Valentine Printable

The containers cost $5 for 10, the printable was free, candy was under $10, and the washi tape was on hand.