Kinfolk Dinner

Photography by Parker Fitzgerald.

Attending the monthly Kinfolk dinner would be a day of happiness and joy for me. Until I can make it, I’ll be comforted by the next best thing: beautiful images from Parker Fitzgerald of their May event. Gorgeousness in simple dinner form.


Photography: Parker Fitzgerald
Styling: Kinfolk Magazine
Venue: Terrain
Stationery: Anja Mulder


Weekly Roundup

I’m loving the photography of Stillblog.

Maui Shop Girl created a recipe for an unhappy life. Amen, sister.

This salvage heavy home featured by Dwell in October of 2008 continues to be one of my favorites.

I’m thinking of completing my art project inspired by this navy and white manicure from the Beauty Department.

If you want to read about my volunteer work and leadership responsibilities, check me out on A Heart for the Nations.

Mark Bittman wrote a great op/ed piece about limiting soda for children.

An NPR article about the Paleo diet sparked an ongoing debate.

Happy Weekend!


Modern Wood Fence

Photography by Misty Keasler for Dwell Magazine.

Building a fence is a major project, and no one knows this better than the writers of My Mid-Century Modern House. They detailed the process of creating their own modern slat fence, similar to the one shown in the above image. If you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’ this weekend, start your own.


Aloha Style


Photography by Erik Kiel.

Quintessential Hawaiian vacation style includes a surfboard, vintage bicycle, bikini, and fedora. Visit Eric’s website to see a Super 8 video he did of the shoot.



If I forced myself to sit and think about the last time I’ve worn a girly bow on my person, it would be a long night. I’m not talking about drawstrings, or knots. But actual, honest-to-goodness, girly bows. The kind where you make sure the ends are plumped and even. The kind that normally goes at the back of a little flower girl’s dress. But for some reason, I’ve been really loving bows. I’m even thinking about picking up the striped blouse from Jcrew pictured above.

Head on over to Polyvore to see item details and purchasing information.

Would you jump on this trend? ModCloth has, check out their “Bow-dacious Beauties” style file.