Photography by Ronnie Stam via Remodelista.

Casa Lola is one of those vacation rentals that I wish I could live in full time. It has everything I love about tropical environments (pools, lush plants, tile roofs, and cement) with the perfect amount of wood, modern art, and creative accessories. I personally can’t get enough shots of the pool. It looks so refreshing and welcoming!



Visit the Casa Lola for more beautiful images and booking information.


My Scandinavian Home

Photography by My Scandinavian Home.

Do you ever find that website or blog and just go Pin crazy? My Scandinavian Home is just that type of site for me. Every post Niki creates is full of beautiful images. I often have to tell myself not to pin EVERY image on the site. The best part? She often shares images of her own home, which is just as fabulous as the homes she features on the blog.




DIY Abstract Canvas

Photography by The New Domestic via How About Orange.

Love abstract art but can’t afford the investment? Make your own DIY abstract canvas with this tutorial from The New Domestic.

Photography by Spindle Photography.

My friend Kelly of Spindle Photography took a little trip out west and stayed at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. I love how well they’ve branded their hotels. A perfect mix of vintage modern, where all the cool kids hang out.


Photography by Whitney Rae for Garden and Gun Magazine.

There aren’t many parties built around a theme that men would enjoy. Even couples’ showers are typically full of girly details. But Garden & Gun knows how to entertain men. A lot of the parties they feature and sponsor are built around hunting, whiskey, and oysters. When I saw this Kentucky Derby party on the website, I thought it would make the perfect “bourbon and bowties” party theme. Enjoy!


Choose a venue more suited to manly interests, like a barn or outdoor patio. Set up a bourbon or whiskey tasting at a table. As guests come in, they can taste and sample at will.


Men are more willing to enjoy messy foods at parties, so serve fried chicken biscuit sliders covered in Southern slaw alongside grilled vegetables.  Make centerpieces out of straw hats and rolled ties.

Hire a bluegrass band for full Southern flavor.


Use a reclaimed door an metal sawhorses as a table. Instead of purchasing new t-shirts, collect vintage versions from thrift stores in various sizes. Let your guests claim one as their favor at the end of the night.