If I were to teach someone how to grow and use a culinary herb garden, mint would be my second herb of choice. Its usefulness is underestimated. It works well in beverages, pasta, meat, and vegetable dishes. It adds a fresh clean taste that’s unbeatable, and it’s really easy to grow.

Mint needs a lot of water and part shade (in hotter climates) to full sun. It does best in a container, as it can quickly spread and overtake other plants — so quickly you won’t know what happened. Repot each summer to allow the plant room to grow. Mint is easy to propagate. Just clip off a stem and leave in a cup of water. Let the roots grow enough to be plantable, then plant in a small pot. Give the new plants away as simple hostess gifts.


Nowhere does mint shine stronger than in the mojito, which deserves its own category of recipes!


Nautical Love

Loving this simple DIY rope vase tutorial from Bayside Bride. Found via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

Photography by Jacquelyn Clark.

We’ve added a bit of grain and dairy back into our daily diet, adopting a modified Paleo diet. I just wasn’t getting enough quality calories, and found myself craving (and unable to resist) processed foods when at a friend’s house for dinner or eating out. Breakfast is always bacon and eggs, dinner is always a grilled meat with steamed or grilled vegetable. Lunch however was a daily toss up. So we added bread and cheese, both of high quality, and the cravings have disappeared, as well as the urge to binge indulge.

I can definitely tell a surge in insulin about 30 minutes after eating lunch. About an hour afterwards, I’ll start getting a little shaky. For that reason, and if we’re unable to maintain our weight, I’m not sure I’ll continue eating bread, instead switching to a higher quality pasta or oats for my daily serving of grain.

What does that have to do with Barley Risotto with Shrimp, Peas, and Parmesan? Nothing really. It’s just nice to see this gorgeous photo and recipe and know that I can actually have it at some point.


Creative Word Art


Images via Design Sponge.

I love walking into a home that uses words creatively. This Humboldt Park apartment is the perfect example of that philosophy. No trendy slogans to be found, just original word art that you won’t find just anywhere. Click the link above to see sources for all the beautiful word art.


Casas del Sol

Photography via Casas del Sol.

Fresh on the heels of Monday’s feature of the Hanging Gardens resort in Bali, today we have a luxury resort in Thailand to satisfy your wanderlust. The lovely Casas del Sol is located on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s been featured in Conde Naste Traveler, and rooms are roughly $250 per night before taxes and cleaning fees. Not too shabby for these amazing views!