Nicaragua Remix

Granada Street Corner Nicaragua Motorcycle
Photography by Eric Kelley.

Long-time readers of the blog know my husband and I spent a year working with a non-profit in Granada, Nicaragua. It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since I’ve walked the streets of that colonial city, and seen the friends we made during that time. These photographs from Eric Kelley immediately took me back to that place.

Nica 4

Ometepe watches over the city from Lake Cocibolca and Las Isletas.

Granada Street Vendors Nicaraguan Ice Cream Seller

Street vendors are a cornerstone of Nicaraguan cities, they sell everything from ice cream to cleaning supplies, and can mend your shoes or change your money while you wait.

Nicaraugan Shoe Repair Nicaraguan Man
Nicaraguan Money Changer Nicaraguan Street

Market street is a must see. You’ll never forget the overwhelming combination of heat and scents.

Nicarguan Courtyard Nicarguan Grove

Eric, thanks for sharing your lovely photos! To see more photos of the beautiful country of Nicaragua, head on over to Eric’s website.

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