Outdoor Pathways

{image: Serralunga}

Pathways are an oft neglected part of outdoor living, but they are the fastest way to add interest, elegance, and depth to an outdoor living space. Pathways are the first step to providing privacy and separation from one space to the next, and, if properly designed, will allow a natural transition from one space to the next.

{image: Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca}

{image: Stepables}

{image: Orlando Magazine}

When creating an outdoor pathway, don’t forget to incorporate scent into your design. Herbs like lavender or rosemary will release scent as you brush by. Thyme placed between paving stones will release scent as the leaves are crushed. Climbing vines like night blooming jasmine and honeysuckle, will release scent as the sun sets. Perfect for dinner parties.

{image: HGTV}

{image: Six Senses in Phuket via The Cool Hunter}

Don’t be afraid to create a unique pathway. For instance, the stones in the first image in this post light up as you step on them, and the meditation pathways in the outdoor room above have no physical destination in mind.


{images: Flora Grubb Gardens via Apartment Therapy and Andrew Buchanan via Danger Garden}

Art also provides visual interest and formality to a pathway. Keep it simple and weather proof.


{images: LS Construction and Unknown via Pinterest}

{image: Laura Livengood Schaub}

{image: Peter Cook and  Stoke Gabriel for McLean Quinlan via Remodelista}

Concrete steps alongside a flagstone terrace create the perfect modern outdoor pathway.


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