Corfu Greece Beach 064Founded in 2009, Honeysuckle Life® is your source for lifestyle inspiration with a focus on vintage modern decor, simple recipes, stylish entertaining ideas, and beautiful travel destinations.

The Honeysuckle Life® is a summer evening, sitting barefoot on a porch swing while sipping a glass of sweet tea. It’s watching lightning bugs as they flash in the twilight sky with the scent of honeysuckle and cut grass surrounding me. It’s rocking chairs and tank tops, cut off jean shorts and conversations with the people I love, picking up a camera and capturing that love. It’s rubbing my dog’s fur with the bottom of my foot. It’s a simple life, laid back but not lazy. The kind of life that my grandmother lived, full of home cooked meals made with vegetables from the garden. It’s a sweet pea wedding bouquet, picked for her when she marries the tall proud man she fell in love with. It’s a hope for a better life, not just for her children but for children of all races and nationalities. It’s a belief in a better place for all of us.

Pink BegoniaIt’s finding that simple life in all countries and places. It’s discovering the stories in all of our lives that make us remarkable and unique. It’s finding something special to love in every person I meet, in every book I read, in every photograph I see. It’s stopping to see the intricate details that weave us together. It’s tasting a fresh tomato, bursting with garden flavor. It’s the richness, the deepness, of all that we’re given. It’s enjoying celebrations, weddings, parties, dinners that enhance and create our culture and history. It’s an awareness of what’s going on in the world around us, without worrying about how it will all end.

It’s a life in progress, and I’m happy you’ve joined  us for it.

Honeysuckle Life is a registered trademark and is owned and operated by Burder LLC.

Born in Florida, raised in South Carolina, South Africa, and Idaho, Rebekah Marenda Burder is a true nomad. With more than a dozen residences in four countries under her belt, she’s looking for a place to call home. She’s interested in photography and design, and Honeysuckle Life® is her attempt at finding constancy in a chaotic life. Formerly known as Anne of Elizabeth Anne Designs. Rebekah is currently blogging from Kilkenny, Ireland. You can find her elsewhere online on Twitter and Pinterest.