porcelain tealight house

Two of my nieces slept over on Thanksgiving night, and we spent the day putting up our tree and stocking up on lights. It’s the latest of a series of family sleepovers, involving both of our families. The older of the two, Rory, has been a bit upset over the way stores decorate before Thanksgiving is over, and how materialistic the Christmas holiday has become. She’s an old soul, if you can’t tell.

Her complaints made me examine my own traditions. For me, Christmas is so much more than a day where gifts are exchanged. It’s an entire season of sparkle and shine, parties, lights, crafts, baking, and gathering with loved ones. Christmas is shopping for a fresh-cut tree the day after Thanksgiving, hanging ornaments, pulling out my grandmother’s recipe for divinity, and searching for beautifully decorated homes.

This holiday season, we’ll be snowshoeing in Idaho, baking in Tampa, having Christmas breakfast in Birmingham, and setting off fireworks in Georgia for New Years. It’ll be a whirlwind month of time spent with family, where the focus isn’t so much on gifts, but quality time with each other.

I love seeing friend’s craft projects and holiday festivities, so to bring a little bit of my traditions to my friends, I’m trying a new December Daily project on Instagram. If you want to follow along, you can click here to see all of my #bekahbemerry posts. You can also follow my Winter board on Pinterest.

For my first post, I gathered clippings from our tree, added in cinnamon scentsicles, a porcelain tea light house, and wood snowflake cutouts. Because when it’s 80° F out, you need to bring winter in any form you can.

If you want your own porcelain tea light house (pictured above), you can find it at Michael’s. All holiday decor is 50% off (as of Dec. 2nd). Originally $7.98, I picked up this porcelain tealight house for $3.99. 


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