Summer Flowers -4

Instead of sweltering temperatures, withering gardens, and mosquitos, high summer in Ireland is filled with cool temperatures and gardens where creativity and passion take center stage as flowers tumble over stone fences. Gardening is part of everyday life here and a majority of houses will have some type of garden, some that are generations old with plants tended from previous owners and relatives.

As a beginner gardener, I love visiting the many gardens in County Kilkenny. I often don’t know the name of the flowers I see, and so I spend time after each visit reviewing photos and researching for more information. Recording what I like, and expanding my knowledge of flowers and design.

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White Hydrangea White Verbascum
Irish River Rocks

Globe Thistle Lavender Blooms
Clematis Mop Ivory Verbascum
Koi Pond

The best gardens in Ireland are not always listed in guidebooks, and Kilfane Glen is just such a place. It’s the perfect garden to spend an afternoon for inspiration and photography. Built on several levels, it includes woodlands, formal and informal flower gardens, and a small river and glen. While the formal gardens are small, they’re efficiently designed making the most of the space.

During the months of July and August, the gardens are bursting with hydrangeas, lavender, verbascum, and lamb’s ear. The climbing clematis vines have shed all petals, showing the feathery mopheads that always make me smile. Koi fish swim lazily around water lillies, and the hedges absorb any sound from the children playing in the creek.

Pink Primula
Small White Daisy Summer Flowers -2
Summer Flowers -3 Summer Flowers -5
Summer Flowers -6
Irish Glen

Kilfane Glen is located in County Kilkenny just outside of Thomastown and is open during July and August from 11am to 6pm. Admission is â?¬7 per person, but discounts are offered for families, students, and senior citizens. No dogs are allowed.

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