Long time no blog! Life is pretty busy right now between classes, work, and just life. I haven’t had time for creative projects that photograph well, and I’m 100% positive you don’t want to read about Microeconomics and Statistics.

Spring Bulbs via Honeysuckle Life

I have spent most of my extra time in the garden, creating and learning to design with plants. Learning how to garden in zone 9 has been a process of letting go of some loves (tulip, daffodil, peony) and finding new loves (plumbago, zinnia, dahlia).

I haven’t picked up my camera in over a year now. It’s been great to take a break from it. But now I find myself thinking about it more and more, especially as I create in the garden.

If you do need more of a regular fix of what I find interesting or noteworthy, I stay active on Pinterest, which has replaced a lot of blogging content. It’s easier to collect images there, and so many people are on it. Rather than spend hours finding images and doing roundups on things that inspire me.

Here’s to good intentions of future posts!

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