DIY Abstract Bulletin Board

I love a good old-fashioned bulletin board. There’s something about pinning papers to the board and getting them off my desk that makes me feel a bit more organized, a bit more in control of my agenda. Plus, it’s a great place to put a photo of family, or a goal, to keep you motivated.

But. That ugly cork gets to me. It’s hard to find one that fits in or looks pretty. I’m not a huge fan of the fabric covered versions. I just want something clean and modern for myself. So, I came up with this really simple idea that anyone can create in under an hour. Here’s how to make your own DIY abstract bulletin board.

DIY Abstract Bulletin Board DIY Abstract Bulletin Board

Start with a blank bulletin board, something to hold your paint, a good sized brush (1″ or bigger), and colors you’d like to use. Start painting with a base layer of white. Be liberal with the paint, cork will really hold a lot of it. You want the layers kind of goopy, because you’ll be using a wet-on-wet technique to blend the colors together.

DIY Abstract Bulletin Board DIY Abstract Bulletin Board

After you’re done with the base layer, start brushing in color, layer by layer. Use a bit of pink and yellow with a lot of white to create a soft pink or peach color. Use small strokes or large strokes, dabs or dots. Whatever you like to create texture and depth. I painted the edge to blend in with the board, but you could also paint in a solid color to frame the board.

DIY Abstract Bulletin Board DIY Abstract Bulletin Board

Paint multiple colors in and let dry. I set it in a safe place overnight, and it was ready to hand in the morning. There you have it, a simple and easy DIY abstract bulletin board to dress up your home office or cubicle!

  1. Tracy A. says:

    Lovely and creative!

  2. Sam Charles says:

    I’m definitely trying this out later, thanks for such a great post!

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