Lately, I’ve been pondering how to add a little bit of cottage style to our 70’s ranch. I know it seems an odd match, but I think it could work. Especially if I work in a few beachy accents. I’m using this little California cottage featured in Country Living as inspiration.

cottage style dining
Photos by Elizabeth Jenkins for Country Living.

What I love about this home is the variety of brown tones she’s used. It’s interesting to me that this dining room still feels cool in tone, thanks to the white walls, curtains, and slipcovered chairs. Too often, brown can make a room warm in tone. So it’s nice to see it used in a way that feels fresh and current. Although I would lighten up those floors a bit, raise the curtain height, and maybe put in cornices in over each of the windows.

cottage style pantry cottage style kitchen

The owner is a chef, and has maxed out her kitchen with tons of style and efficient use of space. Despite the tiny size, it feels like a kitchen that could still be used regularly. If you visit the original article, she also installed a chandelier (!) in the kitchen. I like the amount of bright white she’s used. It could be too much white, but the room feels grounded because of the baskets, black countertops and two-color tile. Although, I wonder what it would have looked like with butcher block countertops!

cottage rose garden cottage style porch

No cottage is complete without a garden full of roses, and this cottage garden is bang on! The wicker lounge in the garden looks like the perfect place to take a nap when the flowers are in bloom. And the porch is just adorable. The choice of furniture makes it feel like an outdoor room, rather than just a place to walk through. While this works in the dry California air, it’s not doable in Florida. It’s too humid!

For the complete article that contains more photos of this adorable cottage, including the kitchen with a chandelier (!), head over to Cottage Living.

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