Olive Tree Container

Those of you who live in cities know that gardening space is usually very limited. We recently moved from a country cottage with virtually unlimited space to a row house in the heart of the city. The move forced me to give up a lot of the plants I worked so hard on last year, but I was able to move my containers. On a recent trip to London, I found the cutest street of row houses where each had an extensive container garden despite having limited space.

There were giant containers filled with an olive trees surrounded by lavender and ivy, pots of begonias and hydrangeas, fuschia, and sage. The containers ranged from modern black rectangles to aged terra cotta. Proving that you can garden anywhere, within any limitation, as long as you have a bit of space and an imagination!

Container Gardening

Street Container Gardens Olive Tree and Lavender

Potted Herb Garden

  1. Nick Baker says:

    Hi some great photos here, reminds me of wandering around Chelsea earlier this year, after the Flower Show. Thanks for posting!


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