Goodbye 2014


Can you believe this is the only (shareable) photo of our house during the holiday season? I took time off from sharing projects online this holiday season, and, without that pressure, I was able to create without worrying about the end result.

I knit two imperfect blankets, two neck warmers, a scarf, and a cowl. I crocheted garland for our tree, created star ornaments for our front door, wrapped advent chocolates, baked, cooked, threw a holiday party, shopped till I dropped, and didn’t photograph any of it.

Not blogging or seemed to be the theme this year. I went from hundreds of posts in previous years, to 27. I’m not sure if it’s a longer trend, or if I’ll be concentrating on lower quantity, but more time spent on the posts. I’m also considering bringing back more writing, something I quit over the last two years and have missed.

But, I digress. No blog is complete without an end of the year post, so I thought I would include a very short list of what I enjoyed in 2014:

#1: Larry

After losing both of our dogs in 2012, we waited a while until we felt ready for a dog. Early in May, we picked up a labradoodle puppy at a farm on the edge of County Cork. We named him Larry, and I don’t think I stopped smiling for two weeks afterwards. He was exactly what both of us needed, at exactly the right time.

#2: Getting active

2014 was the year I learned to be active without being neurotic. If I felt like walking, I walked. If I felt like running, I ran. I learned to pay attention to my body and mind, and change my choices to maintain energy, not just health or weight.

#3: So. Much. Travel.

Paris, London, Idaho, Corfu, NYC, Birmingham, Tampa, Skellig and Dublin. I felt incredibly grateful for each of those trips, for the chance to see family and friends, new places and old. If I had to pick, my favorite trip was the week in Corfu. We both felt more connected and relaxed after a week at the pool and beach.

#4: Kilkenny

I have loved living in a city that is so small and walkable. Our lives now consist of daily jaunts to the Castle, running errands on foot with a canvas tote slung over my shoulders, the 3-minute drive to pick up groceries, and having friends within walking distance. It’s decreased our time in the car and increased our quality of life. Cheers to living in the city!

What were you grateful for in 2014?

  1. Tracy A. says:

    What a wonderful year you have had! I have several things to be grateful for in 2014, not the least of which that my parents have moved from their home of 55+ years to a one-level apt. that is much more doable and safer for them. Also, my husband and I purchased a winter condo in Florida! We are so grateful to be fortunate enough to have a permanent winter getaway! And now on to 2015!

  2. Connie Rock says:

    So…when will you do a hello 2015 blog? Missing you guys – and I look forward to the day I meet Larry and go with you on your “daily jaunts to the Castle”. I still need to get to Ireland. Soon.

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