Washi Tape Table

Washi Tape Table Pink Orange Yellow

Photography by Rebekah Burder for Honeysuckle Life.

My tableware is pretty boring. Consisting mostly of white plates and clear glass. I’ve debated adding color to the table, but I find myself incapable of committing to any specific pattern or style. The most color I have is a set of four salad plates found at a thrift shop in Birmingham. So when I chose this month’s theme, I put “create a colorful table” to my list of projects to work on.

So how do you do that on a minimal budget? Enter washi tape. I started with using it to create “placemats”, then went a little crazy. The end result is a colorful table setting, just right for Easter, on a budget of less than $20.

Washi Tape Glass Blue Pink Washi Tape Vases Blue Pink Yellow

Put strips of tape on your glasses and vases for a simple update.

Washi Tape Napkin White Blue Pink Yellow

Napkins get a colorful twist with a simple strip, or you can use the tape to create a napkin ring.

Washi Tape Table Runner Blue Pink Yellow Washi Tape Vase Blue Stripes

Use it to create a table runner by running long strips in alternating lengths down the center of the table! Add grocery store tulips for that extra spring touch.

Orange Yellow Tulips Modern Centerpiece Tulips Modern White Centerpiece

I also made one of my favorite centerpieces yet. I picked up a white lacquered bamboo serving dish at TK Maxx, filled it with water, snipped the ends off two orange and yellow tulips, then laid them in water. Gorgeous, simple, and perfect for a spring centerpiece!

Simple Tulip Arrangement Orange Yellow

Washi tape can be a bit hard to find at craft stores, especially if you are looking for a specific color, but there are plenty of options on Etsy and Amazon!

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