If I were to teach someone how to grow and use a culinary herb garden, mint would be my second herb of choice. Its usefulness is underestimated. It works well in beverages, pasta, meat, and vegetable dishes. It adds a fresh clean taste that’s unbeatable, and it’s really easy to grow.

Mint needs a lot of water and part shade (in hotter climates) to full sun. It does best in a container, as it can quickly spread and overtake other plants — so quickly you won’t know what happened. Repot each summer to allow the plant room to grow. Mint is easy to propagate. Just clip off a stem and leave in a cup of water. Let the roots grow enough to be plantable, then plant in a small pot. Give the new plants away as simple hostess gifts.


Nowhere does mint shine stronger than in the mojito, which deserves its own category of recipes!

  1. frank says:

    Fresh mint in Arnold Palmer’s is the best!

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