Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

As a New York Times article on the subject says, “Camping? Yes. Roughing it? Not quite.” It’s the perfect description of upscale camping, or glamping. If you’re the type of person that could never imagine packing your own tent and doing without a shower for a few days, this is the perfect summer activity for you. Instead of lukewarm coffee over a fire and mosquito infested campsites, imagine gourmet breakfasts and mosquito net draped beds.

The budget version? Glam up a tent in your backyard and invite friends over for DIY mani-pedis and facials.

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Fireside Resort and Ivan Lian



The Resort at Paws Up

Photography by Bas Boerman

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Here are a few resources to help you plan your glamping vacation:


  1. Margit Held-Bargehr says:

    Hello Rebecca, searching for some informations about glamping, I found your website.
    Maybe you can help us to get some information, where we could buy such a luxury beautiful tent as I can see above on the pictures. if possible, please give me some help and informations.
    Best regards from Austria.

    • Rebekah says:

      I would recommend doing a google search for various words that might be associated with the tent, along with the country code for website addresses. For example, I would search for “marquee purchase ie” for companies that sell them in Ireland.

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