Photo by Danny Oz.

I originally started this post as a debate between formal and informal garden design, and after uploading over 30 images, I realized there really isn’t a debate to be had. Both formal and informal gardens are so incredibly beautiful that I can’t pick one style to prefer over the other. Instead, I split the posts into two. The more the merrier when it comes to images of beautiful gardens!

Photo via Wikipedia.

A formal garden is characterized by symmetry and straight lines. It’s the cleanest of garden designs, each item is placed in perfect alignment, creating a peaceful and meditative environment. Circles, squares, triangles and curves are all used. Hedges are kept neatly trimmed and clipped. Common elements include fountains, statues, arches, ponds, terraces, topiaries, bosquet, and parterre.

Photography by Penwortham.

Photo via WeddingSpot.

The Cloisters of Paradise Island by Jeremiah Blatz.

Kensington Gardens via International Business Times. Photo by Wolfiewolf.

The Gardens at Versailles, via France Tourism.

Gardens at Killmainham in Dublin, via Billy Galligan.

Filoli Garden, via Kevin Sink Photography.

The Gardens at Blenheim, via Beazley.

Conservatory Garden in Central Park via Cynthia Fleury Photography.

Modern Victorian Garden by Tim Mackley.

Formal gardens are the most easily adapted to modern and contemporary designs. The clean lines and simple elements transfer well, especially when using materials like slate and concrete.

Modern Zen Garden via Eckersley Garden Architecture.

Urban Backyard, via Garden Builders.

Miniature Front Formal Garden, via Garden Builders.

Formal gardens don’t need to be large. They adapt very easily to small yards.

A formal “contained” garden at the front of a townhouse, via Sallis Chandler.

Love this simple brick patio featured on Oregon Live.

Boxwood hedges surrounding a simple container of ivy and succulent. Photo via Hitmasty.

Formal Cottage Garden via Pam Penick.

Is formal garden design your preference?

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  2. Mohsin Ali says:

    Beautiful gardens and nice looking.

  3. Love these gardens, very inspiring as I’m looking for some inspiration for our garden!

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