Obsession with Downton

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Like the rest of the world, I’m completely captivated by Downton Abbey. The stories and personalities drew me in on the very first episode. From Mary to Matthew, Anna to Daisy, I found myself wanting more and more of this drama that depicted (if somewhat inaccurately) the transition from the Edwardian period to World War I. The show humanizes an era that is being forgotten.

Image Credit: Publicity Still

It’s the best kind of show, one that educates a bit, while providing plenty of fashion and drama. I especially love the formality of their interactions.

Elizabeth McGovern Downton Abbey Season 2

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Words were chosen carefully, and discretion was used widely. One of my favorite lines occurs when Mrs. Hughes says to Edith,  “My opinion has no place here.” I’m not sure those words have ever come out of my mouth!

Image Credit: Tamara Kuzminski

While searching for images of Highclere Castle, I found this wedding shot by Tamara Kuzminski and Antonina Mamzenko. How fun would it be to have your portraits done on the same ground that the fictional Lady Mary walks?

Image Credit: Publicity Still

Image Credit: Publicity Still

Have you joined the Downton Abbey bandwagon? Are you as obsessed as I?

  1. Jess LC says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this link! Just looking at your photos makes me want to go through and watch it all over again!!

    If you haven’t seen it, the Pride and Prejudice by the BBC is really great and rather similar in concept as well. — If you need a fix before Season three of DA!

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