Image via Oh, Hello Friend.

Danni, the writer of the lovely blog oh, hello friend, provides the best inspiration, and this hotel baby shower thrown for her friend proves that you can entertain (in style) while traveling. Don’t let a small hotel room or limited luggage space stop you from creating a stylish party for friends or family. These ideas would work perfectly for those traveling for a wedding. Why not throw the bride a surprise shower in the group hotel  if it’s the only time your group of friends or family will be together?

Danni used bunting and paper wheels from BHLDN. They not only create the most beautiful wedding dresses, this one could be featured in Downton Abbey, but also the cutest decor supplies. Perfect for a hotel room bridal shower.

Image credit: BHLDN.

Wooden drink stirrers go perfectly with raspberries and club soda. And I’m loving the vine-filled backdrop. This would hang beautifully on a wall, behind a food display, or to screen off a less than party perfect area of a hotel room.

Image credit: BHLDN.

Lokta paper has been an obsession of mine for over a decade now. I had no idea that Lokta twine was a possibility, and BHLDN has it styled in this perfect red-to-pink ombre collection. Use it to tie gifts together.

Image credit: BHLDN.

Washi tape has been featured heavily in the design world, and once you use it on invitations and gifts, you’ll completely understand why. There’s something about the easy way it rips, and the flair it adds to projects, that makes it so appealing.

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