Lismore Gardens

I know things have been rather silent here since Christmas. It’s not a reflection of my offline life, which is a hustle from day to day. I just haven’t had time to create as I focus on other projects.

English Garden

I’m not sure if the silence is a short-term, long-term, or final break with this blog. For many years I hoped to turn this into a side business, but I don’t really have the skillset or interest in doing that anymore. I love blogging, and I know I’ll continue. I’m just not sure how deep my interest goes into lifestyle blogging. Pinterest and Facebook are flooded with lifestyle blogs, and I’m not sure what I have to offer in that genre.

Lush Garden

We moved last week, and the new house is inspiring my creative process. Maybe that will turn into blog posts, maybe it won’t. In the meantime, I’m on Pinterest daily researching and categorizing beautiful things. You’re welcome to follow me there if you like!


Patricks Day


Simple Valentines

Takeaway Valentine DIY

For Valentine’s this year, I wanted to do something simple for our team members in Ireland. It wouldn’t be a proper Valentine without sweets, and I had a few miniature takeaway containers (purchased from Michael’s) in my craft armoire. ┬áSo I stuffed them with candy, used a free printable from Lily and Val (found on Elizabeth Anne Designs), and used strips of pink washi tape to spice it up a bit.┬áLess than 20 minutes later, I had a stack of oh-so-cute Valentines ready to go.

Kinder Valentine

Mini Container Valentine

Valentine Printable

The containers cost $5 for 10, the printable was free, candy was under $10, and the washi tape was on hand.


Lula Kebabs

Lula Kabob Recipe
Photography by Rebekah Burder.

We have a staff meeting every week that is a bit atypical. Instead of in a stinky conference room, we meet in our homes, alternating each week. Sometimes we cook together, sometimes we order out, and sometimes one person cooks everything and we get to enjoy. Last week, since Conor hasn’t been up for a cooking session for a while, he decided to take the lead with the rest of us working as sous chefs. He created the menu from family recipes.

Shepard SaladTaziki Sauce Recipe
Roasted Spicy Chickpeas
Shepherd Salad

Lula kebabs are traditionally made with lamb, but you could use turkey if you like. Make the chickpeas as spicy as you can stand. If you like, you can smash them up a bit and mix in more salt and spices. I could drink the Tzatziki Sauce, it’s so creamy and wonderful.

Starter: Shepherd Salad
Entree: Lula Kebab with Tzatziki Sauce
Side: Spicy Roasted Chickpeas and Pita Bread



Sunsets and Snowdrops

Sunset County Kilkenny

The pace of my life has slowed down dramatically over the past week. We’re back from a visit to the States for the holidays. Christmas was celebrated, New Years Eve was slept through, and a new team was launched from Georgia. Here in Ireland, it’s clearly winter. A short walk through the pastures behind our house results in frozen and rosy cheeks. When I press my fingers to my chin, I can’t feel my skin, a worthy price to pay to see the sunset over the hills of County Kilkenny. My city eyes are loving the wide open spaces of Ireland that allow my soul to expand and feel despite winter’s chill.

Spring Bulbs

Last fall, before the weather turned, we put in a new bed of tulips, hyacinth, snowdrops, and other spring bulbs. Each day a new fragile green stem shoots through the dark soil, waiting until the right time to burst into bloom.